Hi hi and welcome! My name is Amanda and I am The Happy Little Apron.

I am a cook, baker, food photographer, videogamer, cake decorator, and full-fledged foodie. I love food: spicy food, exotic food, comfort food, simple food, fancy food, yes and yes. Living in the PNW has blessed me with a whole host of delicious restaurants, food carts, and locally-made culinary delights to bathe in. But why be content with that? Why stop there? Couldn’t I learn to make amazing food at home and search out those recipes myself? And while I’m at it, why not make a few tweaks to make it a little healthier or add five more pieces of bacon if I feel like it? I’m an adult and I can do what I want!

An inordinate amount of my waking hours are spent thinking about food and food projects. I literally started exercising a few years ago for the sole purpose of being able to eat more. I often think, “How can I stuff more delicious food into my face parts?”** My foodventures (#realword) often begin with a nagging little thought that says, “You know what I’ve never made before? I’ve never made __________!” I want to learn how to make it all. And here’s the thing I love about food–it doesn’t end. There’s always more to learn, more to try, other creative ideas to seek out, other creative people to be inspired by, new techniques to discover, new flavors to explore, new cooking gadgets to test (#swoon), and always more occasions where you can sit down with people and connect over a meal.

About a year ago the Instagram @thehappylittleapron was created as a way to share and connect my foodventures with others. I’ve loved every minute of it. Did you know people could FOLLOW you? Did you know that they have a like button that’s a HEART? Man that stuff gets me. So it’s time to take the next food challenge. I don’t promise the most perfect photos, the best writing you’ve ever seen, or the most beautiful plating. I do, however, promise that we’ll figure out those things together. Brand new title: Bloggie McBloggerson.

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