the FEAST schedule and extra events have dropped

Guys. I thought my pre-game plan for FEAST Portland was going to include eating salad for a week. And then I didn’t. I’m not sure exactly what will happen, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to buy a bigger belt. And that’s ok. I’M WORTH IT.

I’m headed to more events this year than I have before and I’m pretty giddy. It’s like foodie Christmas. Take a look:


  • Williams Sonoma Welcome Party



  • Main Event: Sandwich Invitational
  • After Party: Ham & Eggs 80’s Party


  • Media Breakfast
  • Health-Ade Kombucha Class
  • Main Event: Grand Tasting
  • PopUp: Milkbar’s Christina Tocci!!!
  • After Party: Saxx + Weiners


  • Secret Maker Brunch – SHHHHH!
  • Wiz Bang Bar + Souvla Sundae PopUp Event
  • Main Event: Grand Tasting
  • Rose All Day Drink Tank
  • Punch Drink Tank
  • Main Event: SMOKED!

Sunday: No events. Full on in-bed recovery day

I’m a total lightweight and let me tell you, FEAST is just as much about the great wine and alcohol as much as it is about the food! If you have any sure-fire hangover cures I’m all ears.

Yeah. I’m in trouble. There’s always an event or two that you don’t hear about until the last minute too.

Which events are you going to? Can I meet up with you somewhere and say hello? Are you taking part from home this year and having an Instagram follow-sesh? How can I help make you feel a part of it?—are there are things you want to hear more about or see more of? Do you love Instagram stories?—I’m horrible at those but I would learn if you wanted me to…that’s how important you are to me. Let me know what you’re most excited about in the comments below and we’ll crush the event together!

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