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Maybe you’ve heard about this small little tiny food festival called FEAST Portland? If not, head to this page right here to check them out and see all of the great events that will be coming to PDX this weekend. Once you’re caught up, come on back here to last week’s post and check out my thoughts from last year’s and my top tips for making the most of it. Officially the festival is Friday through Sunday, but my first FEAST media evening event is tomorrow night! I’m barely containing myself.

With all of FEAST happening, I am in full anticipation that I will be eating and drinking everything for five straight days. The food song from Oliver has been running through my head all week… do you know the one I mean? *singing* “Food, glorious food!” Except I’ve been changing the words to “FEAST, glorious FEAST!” It might be my new theme song.

Sometimes you’ve got to feast right? Sometimes it’s ok to eat all of the things right? While I’ve been jobless for the last few weeks, I’ve been exploring several methods of self-care, and I think giving ourselves permission to have a feast every now and then is important.

Despite my obvious love and obsession with food, I also fall prey to many of the same mental food-pitfalls that our cultural messages have surrounded us with. (Definitely will be more on that in a future post, I’m sure!) I’ve been finding self-care inspiration from several wonderful women like Alexandra Jamieson and The Rescue Yourself Project. A key element in self-care is learning to listen to yourself and honor what your body needs and wants. Having moments where we can drop all of the “should” statements out of our thoughts like, “I should really have a salad for dinner instead,” or “I shouldn’t have that piece of pie,” are so important to finding balance. You know. #treatyoself.

So because I care for you and because I think you should have self-care and balance…. SEVEN LAYER S’MORE ICECREAM SANDWICHES. Yeah. You heard me.


Seven Layer S’more Ice Cream Sandwiches

This last week I had a flash of inspiration which struck right at the same moment when I needed to practice self-care and have a moment of embracing what I really wanted. And I wanted sweet. I mean, who am I to argue with inspiration when it’s telling me that dessert is the answer. One of my favorite flavor combos has always been the s’more. I recently read this post from The Kitchn which accurately identified the problem with s’mores and what I’ve always struggled with. Let’s be real here: the graham crackers really have some work to do. Graham crackers are brittle, they crumble, they fall apart as soon as you take a bite. “Graham crackers? It’s not us, it’s you.” BUT NOW—thanks to The Kitchn, we now have an alternative Graham Cracker Cookie! It’s chewy, pliable, soft, sweet, and holds up to the legendary filling combination of marshmallow and chocolate.

But now that you have a better sandwich ends, why should you stop there?! ANSWER: You shouldn’t. In fact, you should find everything that sounds like it would be delicious with a s’more and pile it on.

img_4003To start, I swapped out the normal Milk Chocolate for the Hershey’s Dark Chocolate variety instead. The cookies are sweeter than the traditional graham cracker so swapping to the dark chocolate helps provide a bit of a counterpoint that I preferred. Nutella would be fantastic instead (you know, because Nutella is inherently a good idea). Also, we’re about to add three other layers of sweetness, so it’s ok so dial the sugar back a pinch. ;) For our next four layers we’re going to add: Banana (for the added vitamins), Peanut Butter (for the added protein), Vanilla Bean Jacobsen Flake Salt (for balance) and Ice Cream to make it feel extra summery.


Look at him with your eyeballs. He is glory.

Seven layer s’more ice cream sandwiches (SERVES 1)


  • 2 baked Graham Cracker cookies (recipe here). I recommend making the dough, scooping into balls, then freezing. Pull them out an hour before you want them and then bake them fresh each night you want a self-care treat. Fresh cookies are always better. To firm up, the cookies do need to cool about 5-10 minutes after coming out of the oven. If you don’t want to wait it will still be delicous, you’ll just need a fork instead.
  • 3-4 squares Hershey’s Dark Chocolate (or substitute with a schmear of Nutella!)
  • 1 large marshmallow, toasted. If there’s not a campfire nearby you can hold it over a burner with a fork.
  • 1/2-1 TBSP Peanut Butter. I used White Chocolate Wonderful from Peanutbutter Co.
  • 1/3 of a banana, smooshed (#technicalterm)
  • Pinch of Flake Salt, mine has Jacobsen’s Vanilla Bean Salt
  • Small scoop of ice cream. I love Silk’s Cashew Milk Ice Cream in Cappuccino or Snickerdoodle. I don’t need to be dairy-free, but I love the flavor on these guys and they’re gluten-free as well. Extra bonus!


  1. Did you make the cookies yet? Make them. Let them cool. I SAID LET THEM COOL!
  2. Layer your ingredients however you want. This is your baby.
  3. Eat every bite and savor the joy
Not in the least bit mad about it

Not in the least bit mad about it (although I should have waited for the chocolate to melt!)

Suggestions for use:

  • As part of a self-care regime. Example: Before a bath. After a nap.
  • A dessert for a girls night in after the dinner and wine.
  • In the middle of the day while the kids are playing outside. Ok ok they can have one too…but only if they’ve been good!
  • On a perfectly warm summer evening around a fire.

What do you think? Do you need a bit of FEAST in your self-care routine every once in a while? A little #treatyoself? Any special ingredients you add to your home s’mores? My next version I’m definitely upping to 8 layers… I feel like sprinkles couldn’t hurt. Now if you’ll excuse me, self-care is telling me I should go to bed and get a good night’s sleep before the FEASTstravaganza begins!

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7 thoughts on “feast portland, self-care, and s’mores

  1. Create/Enjoy says:

    SEVEN layers?! Wow, what a treat!! I recently found a gluten-free chocolate cookie at Trader Joe’s that serves double duty in place of the graham cracker and chocolate bar… also pretty decadent!

    • thehappylittleapron says:

      Thanks, Hannah! It’s always a struggle to find that right balance. I feel like talking about it, and especially how hard it is to be gracious to ourselves, just helps other people know they have permission when the time comes. WE HAVE PERMISSION!!!

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