Feast 2016 part three – brunch

Hello and welcome back to the last installment of FEAST 2016! We made it through the Grand Tasting events with part two last Twosday (#seewhatIdidthere), but of course after all of that food I couldn’t just go home and relax and go to sleep.

There were still parties to attend and more food to eat.

Saturday: After Party—Ring of Fire presented by Washington State Wine and Eater (Private Event)

Location: Irving Street Kitchen. Theme: Tiki. Lots of roasted meats, amazing music, a dancing Godzilla, Hawaiian style rum drinks in fresh coconuts, a photo booth, AND A NACHO CHEESE VOLCANO. I almost died and I can prove it.


Have you seen Joe vs. the Volcano? I would gladly jump into this dangerous nacho liquidity despite my feigned fear. There’s secret heart joy in there.


Sailor Jerry cocktails in coconuts that taste really close to Hawaiian Punch. Double danger!

Two words. Mic. Drop.

Saturday: After After Party—Karaoke at BUNK (Public Event!)


Except after that mic drop, go ahead and pick it back up for the After After Party at BUNK Sandwiches! This is a public event and is open to anyone looking to get their pizza, brews, and drunk singing performance on in style. More than just a regular karaoke machine, BUNK offers the hottest KARAOKE BAND in town—have you ever wondered what it’s like to command the room with your own personal band in tow? Look no further, this event is for you!

Sunday: Brunch Village presented by Whole Foods Market (Public Event / Ticket Required)


When there’s a Bloody Mary Bar with dozens of toppings and sauces— life is good

Ok ok. This was my big Kahuna. This was the main event that I was looking forward to all week. BRUNCH! Brunch is my favorite. Brunch is my thang. Brunch is the one meal to rule them all. This event is chock-full of amazing chefs and makers tantalizing your tastebuds with their spin on the greatest meal known to man.

Just scroll through these and let their collective goodness wash over you.


Grand Central Bakery Bread Toast / Marscapone / Mama Lil’s Peppers / Herbs / Jacobsen Sea Salt


Little T American Baker – Plum Mac Croissant. The star of the pastry party!


Fried Chicken and Pimiento Cheese Biscuit from Toro Bravo


Rice Tamale / Fernet-Coke Braised Pork / Nuoc Cham


Olympia Provisions doing what they do best

Did you see the picture at the start of this post? Oh man. Olympia Provisions brought their A-Game with their Monte Cristo Breakfast Dog. Breakfast sausage wrapped in swiss cheese and ham and stuck on a stick. Dip that in pancake batter, fry it, powder it with sugar, and serve it along side raspberry jam and maple syrup for dipping. I don’t care if you’re 4 years old or 72—that shit is good. You KNOW I’m going to try and re-create that at home.


This pecan bun was ONE of the dishes from Petunia’s Bakery. There was also an apple fritter and a chocolate doughnut dipped in pink frosting and sprinkles. I ate TWO of each.


The chocolate french toast bar. My recommended toppings: farmer’s cheese, spiced pecans, peaches, honeycomb. Mmmmmm.


One of the best dishes of the whole day: French Toast Sushi from Jin Soo Yang and Bamboo Sushi. Rice/ Egg / Foie / Bacon / Powdered Sugar / Bittersweet Chocolate. This tasted EXACTLY like french toast. I ate so many of these. I want to eat so many more of these.

Feast Brunch

I started a collection and then sat down to FEAST!

Another of my favorites was the congee from Chef Johanna of Smallwares. Congee is a type of rice porridge served in many Asian countries for multiple meals—it could be breakfast lunch or dinner. I’m in love. I didn’t get a great photo of the individual dish, but check out the plate on the table on the far left. Under the sunflower. Congee, Black Bean Sausage, Honey, Black Vinegar, Scallion. This was an epic victory of a brunch dish. #slowclap


Each and every volunteer was so great and kind


The aftermath

There were so many more epic dishes there is no way I could include them all. Fat Rice, Sqirl, The Woodsman Tavern, Trove—this year was a giant treasure chest of savory dishes in unique combinations. Several dishes were Asian in theme and it gave me a lot of new techniques to aspire to in my own kitchen this next year.

I can’t wait to go again next year!

I know there were still several events I didn’t attend, so here are some other post-event coverage links if your curiosity has not yet been satiated. Several other PDX bloggers will have other posts coming out in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you FEAST 2016: you were superb!

Thank you FEAST 2016: you were superb!

Food for thought: Were you in attendance this year? Did you have a favorite event or dish? How many brunches could a Brunch Girl brunch if a Brunch Girl could brunch good?

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  1. Pech says:

    Wow the photo of the French Toast sushi looks wonderful! I had such a hard time choosing from Brunch Village and Picnic and went to Picnic, but that doesn’t stop me from still feeling like I missed out. I’m hoping Joanna will still find a way to offer that congee again in Portland. And thanks for the link shout-out to my recaps!

  2. Mary says:

    Holy Brunch Porn!!!!! I had to force myself off of Instagram that morning weeping sadly inside that I didn’t go to that Brunch event. The pictures every single person were posting looked A-MAZING! And you just confirmed it. I definitely plan to buy tickets for the Brunch event if they do it again next year. Brunch is also my thang!

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